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If you possess a unique trading approach, Deriv amplifies it. Seamlessly explore diverse and exclusive CFDs like synthetic indices. Discover new trading opportunities, and expand your trading portfolio.



Analyze markets, and spot trends using advanced charting tools and technical indicators - all while engaging with a global community of traders to boost your potential for higher returns.



Follow expert traders, replicate their strategies, and make informed decisions by harnessing the wisdom of experienced professionals. Experience a boost in your positive trading outcomes!



Journal your trades. Track performance metrics. Identify strengths, and areas that need improvement, then optimize your strategies accordingly. Navigate trading with more clarity, while aiming for consistent growth.



Benefit from negative balance protection. Enjoy low minimum deposits. Explore innovative copy trading features for enhanced trading success, or share your trading strategies to earn higher commissions!



Have access to multiple account types. Explore the Trader's Encyclopedia for in-depth knowledge about the markets. And earn rewards through the Loyalty Program, redeemable for gifts, cashback, and more.


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